J. Herbin Scented Ink 3ml Sample Pack – all 6 scented colors!


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An easy way to try all of the scented ink colors in one sample pack
The 6 included colors are:


Amber / Orange – Orange scented golden amber ink.  Scent is subtle and color nearly identical to J. Herbin’s Ambre Birmanie
Blue / Lavender – A rich blue with a lovely lavender scent.  Similar to J.Herbin’s Bleu Myosotis
Green / Apple – Bright light green and the unmistakable scent of an apple.  A couple shades greener than J.Herbin’s Vert Pré
Purple / Violet – A heavily floral scented, bright purple ink, reminiscent of J. Herbin’s Violette Pensée
Red / Rose – A beautiful pinkish red with the familiar scent of a rose.  A shade or two darker and redder than Rouge Opéra
Brown / Cacao – A warm brown in the delectable scent of chocolate.  Nearly identical to Café de Îles
J.Herbin’s Inks have been produced in France since 1798.
Our hand-poured ink samples are packaged in tight-capped vials and contain 3ml of ink per sample (sometimes a bit more).

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