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Kamterior’s Memoterior notepads were designed with different writing experiences in mind. Each notepad contains 20 sheets of 5 different types of paper, specifically for the intended writing utensil.
Memoterior “for Ballpoint Pen” contains 20 pages each of the following five papers:
OK Fools – Fools Cap Paper is synonymous with the only high-class writing paper in Japan. It has a crisp, nostalgic, old-fashioned writing feel, and is ideal for all stationery with quick ink absorption, minimal bleeding, and less strike-through.
Bank paper – Developed as a book paper for Mitsubishi Bank, the taut texture and smooth writing feel are comfortable, and there is a sense of stability that you can boldly enjoy writing even with a nib with good ink flow.
Tomoe River – Tomoe River paper was developed to make a bulky notebook thin and light. Even if it is thin, it is tough for notebooks, with less strike-through and less bleeding, and is hard to tear even with strong writing pressure.
Spica Bond – The domestic paper “Spica Bond” named after the first-class star Spica in Virgo. You can enjoy the original texture and softness of paper by blending cotton like Western stationery and holding it in your hand. The ink suction is excellent, and the characters are finished with depth.
Eastleigh CoC – A cream colored paper with a slight texture to allow good absorption with little bleed or ghosting.

Size: B7 – 3.5 x 5″

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