Platinum Classic Ink – 3ml sample – Lavender Black – Iron Gall


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    Platinum’s Classic Inks have a fantastic color-shifting tendency that all lean towards black when dry.
    These inks are iron gall inks, meaning that they are made with tannins and iron sulfates. The iron component of the ink oxidizes as the ink dries creating a deeper color and leads to excellent water resistance.
    These inks, however, must be used with care.  They are best used in pens with gold nibs.  If you use these inks in a pen with a steel nib it should be cleaned regularly.  Some say daily, some say weekly.  Unused steel nib pens with iron gall inks will often corrode within days.  Regular cleaning is HIGHLY recommended.

    Our samples are packaged in vials with tight-fitting caps and contain at least 3ml of ink.

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