Platinum Preppy Wa – Limited Edition – All 6 colors – Fine nibs only

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Get all 6 colors of the Platinum Preppy Wa in one convenient set. All pens include a black cartridge.
Black – Ogi Chirashi (scattered folding fans) – Known as an auspicious pattern as the shape of the folding fan that widens at the bottom represents prosperity and growth, it had traditionally been used to ward off evil and bad fortune as it was believed that gods dwell in fans.
Red – Asa-no-ha (hemp leaf) – Traditionally, a triangle has been regarded as a symbol that denotes protection against evil spirits, therefore the pattern with aggregated triangles that form a hexagonal shape is believed to have a stronger power to ward off evil. Also, hemp leaf that is durable and grows quickly symbolizes the hope for children to grow healthy and strong.
Pink – Sakura Chirashi (scattered cherry blossoms) – “Sakura”, the Japanese word for cherry blossoms, is said to be comprised of “sa”that refers to the god of the rice field and “aura” that means a seat for the god, and hence people believed that cherry blossoms signaled a year of good harvest. The symbolic flower of spring also represents new beginnings, prosperity and good luck.
Green – Karakusa (ivy) – The pattern depicts ivy vines growing every which way without being broken, which symbolizes vitality, longevity and flourishing prosperity.
Blue – Reishigumo (Reishi clouds) – The cloud pattern is inspired by the form of Reishi mushrooms, a type of bracket fungus known as the symbol of immortality. Believed to be the cloud that appears as an omen of good fortune, Reishigumo has been widely used in Japan as an auspicious pattern since ancient times.
Purple – Sayagata – The Chinese character “manji” is known to represent the universe in harmony and infinity in Buddhism. The Sayagata pattern features interlocking manji characters of a slightly modified form that symbolizes unbroken continuity and hence conveys the hope for prosperity and longevity of a family.

The Platinum Preppy is the quintessential starter fountain pen.  Many people would describe it as a “disposable” pen, but there is nothing disposable about it!  Refill cartridges and converters are available, so your Preppy is built to last.  O-rings are also available that will allow you to eyedropper your preppy (fill the body with ink instead of using a cartridge or converter).
They also feature Platinum’s Slip & Seal cap to keep your pen from drying out for up to one year.
Its light weight, even when posted, makes it a great everyday or occasional use pen.  Multiple colors make it easy to keep class notes or bullet journals organized and fun.
Platinum cartridges and converters are proprietary.
Brand: Platinum
Body material: Polycarbonate
Finish: Polished Plastic
Nib material: Stainless Steel
Nib size: Fine
Length closed: 5 7/16″
Length posted: 6″
Weight: .45oz. / 12.8g with cartridge
Cap: Snap / postable
Clip: Yes
Ink system: Platinum proprietary cartridge/converter
Converter included? No
Cartridges included?  Yes – black
Packaging: none
Eyedropperable? Yes, with additional parts (o-ring and silicone grease)

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in
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Cartridge included?


Converter included?

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Preppy Wa Color

Black – Ogi Chirashi, Red – Asa-no-ha, Pink – Sakura Chirashi, Green – Karakusa, Blue – Reishigumo, Purple – Sayagata, Set of 6 Colors


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