Preppy Highlighter Eyedropper Kit w/ Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Orange HL ink


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The Platinum Preppy Highlighter is a wonderful, refillable highlighter that features a traditional chiseled marker tip.  Its only downfall (if you can call it that) is having to use ink cartridges for refills.  With this kit you will use the included o-ring and Preppy and create an eyedroppered Preppy Highlighter.  That means that the entire barrel is filled with ink (about 3.5ml) instead of the less than 1ml cartridge that you would normally use.  And you can pick your own ink color!  In this case we chose Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Orange, which is a bright fluorescent orange, but also happens to be water-resistant and fade-resistant (partially bulletproof).
This kit includes everything you need to create your own eyedroppered Preppy highlighter.
Included in this kit:
1 – Preppy Orange Highlighter
1 – 3 ml sample vial of Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Orange
5 – O-rings for your Preppy’s barrel (1 for now and 4 more for later)
1 – 1cc tube of silicone grease
Instructions for how to make the conversion can be found on our YouTube channel here:
Noodler’s Inks are produced in the USA and made to the highest of standards.
Our ink samples are packaged in tight-capped vials and contain 3ml of ink per sample (sometimes a bit more).  Writing sample is not included.

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