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New Chiffon Cream is a light-cream colored book paper that is thick, light, and soft. Book paper, or high bulk paper, was developed to meet the needs of publishers who wanted a paper that balanced portability with thickness. It is a paper with low fiber density that is very light for its thickness. Its lightness makes it easy to cary without being brittle. It is suited for printing both text and images, and does not allow any bleed-through on the page. In addition to these great properties, New Chiffon Cream is PH neutral so it does not discolor over time, offering great archivability. In our ink tests, Sailor and Platinum inks dried almost immediately and showed no bleed-through. Some very wet inks, such as J. Herbin inks, showed slight bleed-through. However, the slightly rough surface provides a wonderful feel when writing. We at Yamamoto Paper like this paper so much, that we use it in our very own RO-BIKI NOTE notebooks. We highly recommend using this paper with ballpoints and fountain pens.

Grain direction: Short grain
Size: A4
11.75 x 8.25 inches
296 x 210 mm

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